United to slash flights by 50 percent as bookings evaporate amid coronavirus: "It's getting worse''

16 Mar 2020 17:38:44


United Airlines President Scott Kirby laid out a doom-and-gloom scenario in a presentation to investors on Tuesday about the airline's aggressive play book to cope with the coronavirus crisis.

He said he hoped the dire predictions — projected revenue declines of 70 percent in April and May, worse than after 9/11 — didn't come true.

In a matter of days, they did and the airline is throwing out that playbook and making even deeper cuts.

In a memo to employees late Sunday, Kirby and United CEO Oscar Munoz said the airline will cut flights by 50 percent in April and May and extend cuts into the peak summer travel season. Even with a severely reduced number of flights, the airline said it still expects planes to be less than a third full.

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