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Glenelg Beach

Adelaide, Australia

Glenelg Beach

Glenelg Beach is one of the famous main attractions in Adelaide., South Australia. This beach is always crowded by Adelaide residents themselves and the tourists who are visiting South Australia. The beach located in the Holdfast Bay area is beautiful and you will not want to leave soon...

In this white sandy beach you can enjoy a beautiful view of the ocean by walking or cycling. Swimming, surfing, snorkeling or scuba diving is also a fun activity that you can do to play in blue sea water and exotic marine life stored underneath. There is also a jet boat that you can get on around the coast to pump your adrenaline. You can also enjoy a day tour or overnight adventure on a fishing boat.

On the shore there are areas that you can explore named Jetty Road. In this place you can enjoy a variety of cuisines served by various places to eat outdoors as well as shopping for souvenirs and a variety of goods at hundreds of stores that in line. If you want to enjoy a fine dining experience, you can walk for a short distance to Holdfast Marina where this place is a great place to enjoy the stunning scenery at Glenelg sunset. Moreover, this place is the departure point for tourists who will see dolphins across Holdfast Bay. You can follow the tour packages available to see dolphins passing from close range and even you can also swim with those dolphins.

You can also walk to the south of Glenelg Beach heading to Marino Rocks or to Brighton which is also a beach area. There are several other tourist locations that you can easily reach from Glenelg Beach just by walking or cycling, such as Grange, Henley Beach and West Beach.

If you are lucky to come to this beach on Australia Day, then you can enjoy the festive atmosphere at the beach party which will be held on the day of the Glenelg Jazz Festival and the City to Bay Fun Run.

Glenelg Beach

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Transport options Glenelg Beach

Glenelg Beach is about twelve kilometers from Adelaide city center. You can go to the beach using the tram heading towards Glenelg. Later this tram will drop you off at Mosseley Square located right behind the Glenelg Beach dock. You just need a short walk to be able to set foot on Glenelg Beach which is ready to pamper your eyes.

Adelaide Travel Guide


Adelaide is the capital of the state of South Australia. Located on the coast, Adelaide is known for its old colonial stone architecture and its many parks, which makes Adelaide a good place for walk around and sight-seeing.

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Flying to Adelaide

Adelaide is served by Adelaide Airport. Adelaide Airport is located about 7 km west from Adelaide. A taxi into the city from Adelaide Airport would cost AUD 20.00. Read more about Adelaide Airport or look for flights to Adelaide