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Alor Island

Pulau Alor is included into Nusa Tenggara Timur Province and one of many beautiful islands in Indonesia. Alor Island itself is one territory under Alor district. Even though this island is not as famous as Bali or Lombok, Alor Island is as beautiful as they are. Its exotic beach and colorful underwater view make this island is known by many other countries. The sea-garden in Alor is believed to be the second most beautiful sea-garden in the world after one belongs to the Caribbean.

Alor Island History

The oldest kingdom in Alor were Abui and Munaseli Kingdom. Both kingdoms were destroying each other by magic battle. This battle was won by Munaseli Kingdom. After that, there were kingdoms named Pandai and Bunga Bali Kingdoms. But then Pandai and Munaseli Kingdoms were also fighting each other. Munaseli Kingdom asked for a help from Majapahit Kingdom at that time, but when Majapahit sent army to Munaseli, the army couldn't find anyone but ruins. Many soldiers of the Majapahit army decided to stay in Alor, so it's not strange if you find Munaseli people who look like Javanese. Those soldiers of Majapahit also then settled Galiau, 5 kingdoms on the coastal area. Those 5 kingdoms were Kui and Bunga Bali, Pandai and Baranua in Pantar. The first foreigner ever told a story of Alor was Pigafetta, a European writer who was in Victoria Ship. Pigafetta once told about Galiau on his diary before he was killed in Phillipines.

Things to see

If you want to seek a cultural tour, you can come to 1000 Moko Museum. In this museum you can find the biggest moko. Moko is like a tube-shaped drum with typical carving on the surface. It's one inheritance from Alor ancestors since bronze era. Aside from Moko, typical tenun ikat (bundle-weaving fabric) of Alor is also famous. To see how it's made, you can go to Tenun Ikat Museum. You can also go to Takpala and Monbang culture village to see the traditional things of Alor like it's custom house (Lopo house) and traditional ceremony.

Things to do

The emost amazing side of Alor is the underwater. You can snorkel or dive to see the beauty hidden under Kepa Island. This beautiful underwater scenery is known by many other countries. If you want to seek more, you can go to several islands like Pantar, Pura, Buaya, Alor Besar and Alor Kecil Island. At those islands, there are many fascinating diving spots known as Baruna's Dive Site at Alor. You can dive here to enjoy beautiful underwater scenery.

Things to eat

Apart from its beautiful underwater scenery, Alor is also known as an island of canary. You can easily find canary nut as snacks here in the island. Another typical food of Alor Island is kue rambut (hair cake). This cake looks like clumps of hair made of tapioca flour, rice flour, papyrus' sugar sweet and granulated sugar. This snack is perfectly served with coffee or tea. You can also try jagung bose (bose corn). This food is made of white corn soaked into whiting water. After it's boiled, this food then poured with coconut milk. This food looks like porridge and perfectly served with roasted fish.

Getting to Alor Island

Flying to Alor Island: Alor Island is served by Alor Island Airport. Alor Island Airport is located about 13 km northeast from Alor Island. Read more about Alor Island Airport or look for flights to Alor Island


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