Susuk Pool

Desa Junelu, Kecamatan Kakuluk Mesak, Kabupaten Belu., Indonesia

Susuk Pool

"Bukan lautan, hanya kolam susu. Kail dan jala cukup menghidupimu". A fragment of a song from the legendary music group in the 70's, Koes Plus. The pool of milk that is in the song really exists, it was inspired by the pool in Atambua, East Nusa Tenggara.

This tourist attraction was originally named as Susuk Pool. Susuk pool itself means mosquito pools. The origin of the name Susuk Pool itself is based on the legend that is already known by the local community. According to the legend, in ancient times there were seven angels who stopped to clean themselves in the Susuk Pool. Those angels are messengers of the King Lifao of Oecusse.

King Lifao sent a mosquito to disrupt them while asleep. Because of the mosquito nuisance, the angels stay awake so as not eaten by the servants of the king. Based on the legend, finally local people called the pool with the name Susuk Pool which means mosquito's nest.

Susuk Pool has beautiful scenery. Not only Koes Plus who falls in love with the pool but also many tourists visit the Susuk Pool especially on holidays. Even at international events organized by the local government, the Sail Komodo 2013, Susuk Pool became one of the main destinations of the international tourists.

As portrayed in the Koes Plus song, Susuk Pool is rich of fish especially milkfish. Even the local community and governments continue to develop Susuk Pool as a tourist attraction and as a center of milkfish and shrimp cultivation so that the environment around the Susuk Pool could continuously be well maintained.

Susuk Pool

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Transport options Susuk Pool

Susuk Pool is about 20 km from Atambua, precisely located in the Dualaus village, Kakuluk Mesak District, Belu Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province. Because of the difficulty of transportation in Atambua, you can rent a vehicle. It needs about 40 minutes using four wheel drive vehicles from Atambua to Susuk Pool.

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