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Nongsa Beach

Batam is known as an industrial city, but there are also a lot of interesting places. One of the interesting places in Batam is Nongsa Beach. Nongsa Beach is located in the northeastern part of Batam Island, precisely in Nongsa sub-District, Batam City, Riau Islands Province. The name of this beach is the same as the name of the sub-district. While Nongsa name itself is taken from the name of a character that first developed the Malay coastal region. Historically, this area was just empty land filled with shrubs, but thanks to the cold hands of that Malay figure, this region has now turned into a tourist area with huge potential and managed to make the investors to build a variety of resorts in the vicinity.

Nongsa Beach or better known as Nongsa Tua by residents is a beautiful beach with calm waves and white sand. Interestingly, Nongsa Beach is very close to the southern coast of Singapore, even so close it only takes half an hour by motorboat to go to the south coast of Singapore. Because of its proximity, at night when it is in Nongsa Beach, you can enjoy very beautiful ornate light view of Singapore city. Not only that, the beach is facing northwest so it is perfect for enjoying the sunset. Nongsa Beach also has underwater scenery that is equally beautiful. You can try snorkeling to enjoy it. Around the coast there are also traditional Malay villages that can be visited.

Nongsa Beach was built in such a way by the government and investors to be the mainstay of the tourist area. Therefore you can find a lot of facilities that here ranging from hotels with various prices, international-class resort as well as a variety of golf fields. A wide assortment of restaurants with seafood dishes as the main dishes can also be found here. Interested in the typical souvenirs and mementoes, do not miss the souvenir shop in the center of Nongsa Beach.

Nongsa Beach

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To get to Nongsa Beach, you can use private vehicles, rental vehicles or using taxis from Batam city center. Your journey will take approximately 40 minutes, whereas if from Hang Nadim Airport, Batam then the journey is about 20 minutes .

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Batam is served by Hang Nadim Airport. BatamHang Nadim Airport is located about 15 km east from Batam. A taxi into the city from Hang Nadim Airport would cost IDR 100.000. Read more about Hang Nadim Airport or look for flights to Batam

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