Beihai Park

Beijing, China

Beihai Park

Beihai Park is a tourist attraction in the form of a royal park. Beihai Park is one of the oldest parks in Beijing which is located on the north of the Forbidden City. An area of more than 69 acres was built around the 10th century and opened to public in 1925. Since opening to public for the first time until now, Beihai Park has become one of the favorite attractions for anyone visiting Beijing.

More than half of the park is a lake. Located right on the lake in the middle of the park there is an island called Qing Island. On this island there is also a white colored pagoda built by the emperor to honor the ancestors. This 32 meter high pagoda is one of the charms of Beihai Park because it has unique design and ornament.

To enter Beihai Park, you are required to pay the entrance fee of ten Yuan per person. Baihai Park is open from 06:30 am until 08:00 pm local time. There are a lot of beautiful scenery in this park you can find, such as pagodas, temples, bridges, relief and various ornaments that adorn every building. You can take a picture to capture those various beautiful scenery.

There are unique things that you can find during a visit to this park, which is an orchestra played in one pavilion located in Beihai Park and all the orchestra players are elderly people. The musical instrument played are also various, such as percussion, gong, tambourine, and so forth. This orchestra is held to entertain all visitors of Beihai Park. So while in Beihai Park, you can walk down the beauty of the park and listen to the orchestra music of the elderly.

Beihai Park

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Transport options Beihai Park

From the center of Beijing, you can use public transportation such as bus or subway . If using the subway, you can take Subway Line 4 and get off at Ping'anli Station and exit through the Southeast Exit and walk down Dianmen Xi Dajie to the east for about 20 minutes and then head to the northern entrance of Beihai Park. If you use a bus, you can use the bus heading towards Beihai Park Station or to Beihai Beimen Station which is the northern entrance of Beihai Park.

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Beijing is the capital of the Republic of China. This city is the central point for international flights in China, one of the most crowded cities in the world and also the second biggest city in China after Shanghai. This city is also the central for politic, education and culture in China which was the host of Summer Olimpiade 2008.if you want to come to this city, you will find many unique and historical buildings and also other interesting tourism spots.

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Beijing is served by Beijing Capital International Airport and Beijing Nanyuan Airport. Beijing Capital International Airport is located about 20 km northeast from Beijing. A taxi into the city from Beijing Capital International Airport would cost 150. Read more about Beijing Capital International Airport or look for flights to Beijing Beijing Nanyuan Airport is located about km from Beijing. A taxi into the city from Beijing Nanyuan Airport would cost . Read more about Beijing Nanyuan Airport.