The Great Wall

Beijing, China

The Great Wall


The Great Wall is the icon of China. It’s the symbol of Magnificent China Republic. It was built through the length of mountains in the time of Dynasty Zhou (700 BC). It’s about 10,000 km long making this wall visible from the moon. It was built separately to defend the attack of Xiongnu Tribe. In 221 BC, when Qin united China, this wall was also united.

Here, you can both enjoy the fascinating view and have a historical tour for the great wall is 2000 years old. Considering this wall is so long, there are 3 different access points which always used by many tourist. They are Badaling, Mutianyu and Simatai.

The Great Wall in Badaling is the first to open to public and visited by most tourists. Badaling is located in Yanqing district. The wall here is narrow on the upper side and wide on the butt, looks so sturdy and clean for it’s made of big rocks and mud. 300 or 500 away, you’ll find 2 floors fort used as battle tower. Near Badaling there’s a museum and Great Wall national Theatre. In 1987, Badaling was registered as world heritage by United Nations.

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You can use train or busu to get to Badaling from Beijing. You can also take a tour package to go there provided by many hotels.

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