Lakey Beach

Bima, Indonesia

Lakey Beach

Lakey Beach in Dompu is quite famous amongst surfers although most Indonesian tourists have never heard of it and hardly come here. Perhaps that is because the isolated location of Lakey Beach.

Many international surf events have been held here. most surfers who have ventured out here said that Lakey is one of the best surfing spots in the world. They come here for the waves which come in four different kinds with different difficult level.

- Nangas : flat kind of waves

- Lakey Peak: the most challenging kind forming big tunnel on the left and perfect furl wave to surf on the right.

- Lakey Pipe: like the name, pipe. Another place you can find this kind of wave is in Hawaii.

- Periscope: this kind of wave is rolling like a periscope, the surfers will feel like in a periscope while surfing and bending.

Something unique of this beach is that the waves come from to the left. That's why this beach is also known as Lefty Beach. The average size of the wave is 1.5 to 3 metres high with 4 metres deep. Perhaps those are reasons why this beach is one of favorites of world surfers. The high season is in April-May when about 300 tourist stay here a day.

Lakey Beach

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Transport options Lakey Beach

From Sultan Muhammad Salahuddin, Bima you can rent a vehicle starting from IDR 600,000 or you can use public transportation heading to Ginte bus station in Dompu for about IDR 50.000. At Ginte bus station you need to continue with motorized pedicab to Lakey beach for two hours for about IDR 200,000-300,000. Homestay and guesthouses at Lakey beach start at R 100,000 per night.

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Bima is an autonomous city located in Sumbawa Island, Nusa tenggara Barat Province. We can't discuss Bima city without talking about Bima district for they have the same history. There are many nature and culture tourism you can find while visiting Bima City. You can visit Lawata Beach, Kambing Island, Asri Mbojo Museum and many more.

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Flying to Bima

Bima is served by Sultan Muhammad Salahuddin Airport. Sultan Muhammad Salahuddin Airport is located about 15 km south from Bima. Read more about Sultan Muhammad Salahuddin Airport or look for flights to Bima