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Brisbane is the state capital of Queensland, Australia. The city is also the third most populous city in Australia. The city lies along the winding Brisbane River and has a subtropical climate. Brisbane has the nickname of Bris Vegas offering a variety of interesting attractions that can be visited. Although there is a tourist attraction in Brisbane not as many other attractions in other city such as Sydney or Melbourne, but Brisbane which has a lot of art and culture is still can be enjoyed by anyone who visit this city.

Brisbane History

The city was named after the name of the river where the town is located, the Brisbane River which comes from the name of a Scottish citizen named Sir Thomas Brisbane who had served as Governor of New South Wales in 1821-1825. Brisbane was also the headquarters for the allies in the Southwest Pacific during World War II, led by General Douglas MacArthur. MacArthur had refused to use the University of Queensland complex as his headquarters because it is on track prone bombed by the enemy. T & G building in the city has also been used as a headquarters by the American troops during World War II. About one million American soldiers passed through Australia during the war where it became the main coordination point in the Pacific Southwest region. In 1942 there was a clash between U.S. forces with Australian soldiers and civilians which resulted in one person was killed and several others injured. The event is known as the Battle of Brisbane.

Things to see

There are many historic buildings located in the city. One is the Commissariat Store which is the oldest building and presents the history of Brisbane City. Other historic buildings are the Parliament House and Old Government House built in the 1860s. As for the other history tour, you can visit the Museum of Brisbane or the Maritime Museum. You can also see performances of music in Fortitude Valley and see the world-class exhibits and all forms of art activities in the Gallery of Modern Art located on the South Bank. If lucky, you can see the biggest fireworks show in the city in the Brisbane Festival held in September each year. You can see various collections of flora and fauna typicaly from Brisbane at a few places like Alma Park Zoo, City Botanic Gardens, New Farm Park and Roma Street Parklands.

Things to do

Get on the Wheel of Brisbane or fly in a blimp then you can see the beautiful view of the city from a height. Or it could be down the Brisbane River by boat or kayak tour. For those who like adventure can climb steep cliffs at Kangaroo Point or climb Mt. Coot-tha which is the highest mountain in Brisbane. Walking, cycling or roller-skating across the road in Brisbane Riverwalk float will also fun to do. In the Great Barrier Reef, you can dive and see the beauty of various coral reefs. You can do surfing in Main Beach. Holding a koala and feed kangaroos are fun things you can do in Lone Pine Sanctuary which is the largest and oldest breeding center in the world. Shopping affair certainly will not miss when you are in Brisbane. You can step your foot to the Queen Street Mall or George Street Mall.

Things to eat

You can find restaurants and cafes are widely available in South Bank. In this place you can eat food while enjoying the panoramic view of Brisbane City. There are a lot of menus on offer. However, in other locations you can also find places to eat are varied. Food in Brisbane more influenced from various countries in the world such as Europe and Japan. While in Brisbane, do not forget to taste the Crab and Pawpaw Salad, a crab served with a salad of vegetables and smothered in sauce that has a bit of sweet and sour taste. Arancini in the form of small balls made of risotto (rice typical of Italy) coated with dried bread crumbs and then fried with melted mozzarella cheese in the center will generate its own delights sensation when you bite. Lotus Root Chips is a snack that you should taste while in Brisbane. This snack is made from lotus stems are sliced thin and fried then seasoned with shicimi (mixture of seven ingredients typical Japanese herb) and sprinkled with dried wakame (seaweed typical Japanese).

Getting to Brisbane

Flying to Brisbane: Brisbane is served by Brisbane Airport. Brisbane Airport is located about 13 km northeast from Brisbane. A taxi into the city from Brisbane Airport would cost AUD 35.00. Read more about Brisbane Airport or look for flights to Brisbane


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