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Busan is a port city, the metropolitan city and the second-largest city in South Korea after Seoul. The city is located in the southeastern part of South Korea, at the mouth of the 700 km Nakdong River that flows from the interior of the Korean Peninsula. The city is surrounded by the sea which offers a lot of interesting attractions that you can visit.

Busan History

Previously the city was named Busan-po which means Port Busan and was built in 1470 in the reign of King Taeong of the Joseon Dynasty. At first Busan in Korean literacy meant Port of Rich Mountain, but over time a change of script in which it raises new meaning becoming the port town of Mount Kettle. This is due to the existence of a mountain shaped like a kettle in the middle of the city. Between 1592-1598 during the Imjin War, Busan was the first the city attacked by the Japanese. But Busan now has become one of the rapidly growing city and was once a host to the APEC conference held in South Korea in 2005.

Things to see

You can visit Oryukdo, an area that consists of five islands and is situated at the mouth of Port Busan. This place is also known as Five Six Island for during high tides one island will be divided into two so that everything will look into six islands. You can also visit Taejongdae where you can see the panorama of the sea and the unique shaped rocks. You can also visit the Beomeo Temple, a 1300 years Buddha temple and is located at the foot of Mount Geumjeong.

Things to do

Some of the famous beaches in this city are Haeundae Beach, Gwang-anli Beach and Dadaepo Beach. You can swim or sunbathe at those beaches. Do not forget to stop by at Songjeong Beach, famous for its beautiful white sand. This beach is located in the east area of Haeundae. If you have a vacation with the family, you can visit Yongdusan Park located in Gwangbok-dong area, the center of Busan. Or you want to buy fresh seafood? You can do it in Jagalchi Market which is the largest fish market in South Korea.

Things to eat

One of the special foods in this city is Odeng a kind of food mainly made of boiled fish, flour and vegetables then served with additional hot broth. This food is perfectly eaten during the winter because it warms the body. You can also taste Milmyeon, made of noodle with cold beef broth mixed with a bunch of vegetables. Tteoppoki a typical snacks like West Java, cilok. Tteoppoki is made from rice flour cooked with a spicy sour sauce.

Getting to Busan

Flying to Busan: Busan is served by Gimhae International Airport. Gimhae International Airport is located about 10 km west from Busan. A taxi into the city from Gimhae International Airport would cost KRW 15.000. Read more about Gimhae International Airport or look for flights to Busan


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