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There is probably not a country in the world as diverse as China with highly-developed cities like Shanghai and Beijing as well as traditional subsistence communicates inland, with century’s old historic buildings and modern skyscrapers, with temperate climate in the north till an almost tropical climate in the south. Indeed, China is a country rich of history and culture and even after travelling for a year you would still have not seen it all.

Things to see

things to see

The most famous icon is of course the The Great Wall of China running for thousands of kilometers from Shanhaiguan to Mongolia. A visit to China is incomplete without seeing the Great Wall. Other famous historical places you can visit are the Summer Palace and The Forbidden City.

Things to do

things to do

China is famous as a shopping paradise, with designer brands as well as pirated goods, with better prices than in other places. Be sure to take a train ride on one of the comfortable high speed bullet trains.

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