Kokas Cave

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Kokas Cave


Fak Fak is the capital of Fak Fak district and is also well known as Pala (nutmeg) city. Nearby are some historical sites like Kokas cave. Kokas cave is located in Kokas, Papua Barat Province. In 1942-1945, in Kokas was a Japanese military base. Kokas cave is a leftover of that history.

From outside, you’d never think there is actually a hidden cave as you can only see three bunkers. Inside, you will find chambers like bedrooms and at the end of the cave, there will be a beautiful sea view awaiting. As you get to the end, you will find that tis 130 meters long cave is actually open and facing the sea. During the war every Allies ship passing by would have been easily seen by the Japanese army.

Up until now, the cave is still pretty much the same as 60 years ago, except for the fence on the three cave entrances. Local government tries to make this cave a tourist spot but has so far not really succeeded and provided any basic facilities. If you plan to visit the cave, be sure to bring flashlight as there is no lamp inside the cave.

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Kokas can be reached by bus from the Fak Fak bus station.

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