Limboto Lake

Gorontalo, Indonesia

Limboto Lake

If you want to enjoy boating on the surface of smoky water, you must arrive to Pentadio Resort area on the edge of Limboto lake. Limboto lake is located in Limboto subdistrict, Gorontalo district, Gorontalo province. Water in there is unique like a boiling water, producing cloud of smoke. Many rivers that irrigate this lake such as Alo, Bionga, Daena and Molalahu river. Many rivers of course increase the beauty of Limboto lake. Temporarily, cloud of smoke in there coming from hot watercourse that passes through a river with width 2 m. That is based on hot wellspring located around Pentadio resort.

In the morning and evening, you can see unique panorama in this lake. Small dugouts from fisherman property decorating special landscape from limboto lake increased with beautiful birds when flapping swings to another. Yes, this lake also becomes favorite habitat place of birds. Various species water birds inhabit there. Indeed, Bondol hawk included as rare birds also inhabit in this place. Uniquely, the behavior of birds looks peculiar become some attraction for visitors.

Beside the beauty view interesting, culinary in this lake is also interesting. Many various breams with many fickles are ready served for you. Don't forget to order special sambal, dabu-dabu sambal. Everything is ready to coddle your tongue. So, you can visit limboto lake when you visit gorontalo. Especially, a research forecasts that this lake will be lost around 15 years later.

Limboto Lake

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Transport options Limboto Lake

Limboto lake is located not far from Jalaludin airport, gorontalo. You can use private vehicle, public transportation or rent vehicle towards this spot. Local government built some cottages to accommodate tourist arrival and the tariff is also affordable. Tourists don't need to pay to enter this lake. However, if you want go through all lake, you can lease boat with cost from Rp. 50.000,-

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