Bolihutuo Beach

Gorontalo, Indonesia

Bolihutuo Beach

Bolihutuo Beach, known also as Boalemo Indah Beach is one alternative destination to spend your weekend. This beach is located in Bolihutuo village, Botumoito sub-district, Boalemo district, Sulawesi Utara Province. It's 130 km away from Gorontalo City.

The beauty of Bolihutuo Beach is like pearl carpet on Tomini Bay coastal area. White sand combined with chasing waves looks like they're whitening the blue sea. This view will surely fondle your eyes to enjoy this beach even more. There are shady high pine trees you can find on the edge of the beach which will make the atmosphere even milder.

There are rented boats for you to go around the beach. You will be charged for about IDR 3,000 per minute. There are water-bicycle, speedboats, diving equipments and some other facilities for tourists to rent in Bolihutuo Beach. There are also grottos and gazebos for you to take a rest and relaxed for a while.

Other facilities you can find in the beach are restaurants, cottages and information centre. If you want to stay overnight, you can rent a cottage for about IDR 150,000 per night. To enter the beach you need to pay IDR 3,000 per person.

Bolihutuo Beach

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Transport options Bolihutuo Beach

From Gorontalo City, you can use either rented or private vehicle. You can also use public transportation for about IDR 25,000 to get to Bolihutuo Beach. Along the way, 130 km from Gorontalo City, you'll be pleased by mild nature and coconut trees along valleys and hills through. If you use rented or private vehicle, you might be able to stop by in some locations to buy gifts or souvenirs typically from Gorontalo like binte biluhuta (delicious corn soup), ilabulo (skin, fat and chicken cooked with sago essence) and dodol Gorontalo. You can also stop by to enjoy jagung pulut (glutinous corn) in Paguyaman, located near transmigration area.

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Gorontalo city is the capital of Gorontalo Province. Gorontalo is located on the northern side of Sulawesi Island, exactly on the western of Sulawesi Utara. This province is situated between 2 water areas, Tomini Bay located on the south and Sulawesi Sea on the north. You won't be regretful if you come to Gorontalo for there are many interesting places offered by Gorontalo.

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Gorontalo is served by Jalaluddin Airport. Jalaluddin Airport is located about 30 km west from Gorontalo. Read more about Jalaluddin Airport or look for flights to Gorontalo