Tung Wan Beach

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Tung Wan Beach

Tung Wan Beach is located about eight miles to the south of downtown Hong Kong in Cheung Chau Beach Road and Right Pai Road, Cheung Chau , Outlying Islands. The beach became a favorite tourist destination who come to Hong Kong to enjoy the natural beauty of the beautiful island of Cheung Chau in Hong Kong.

This beach offers the beauty and serenity of its natural setting. The area around this beach still looks very beautiful where there are leafy trees making this beach cool. In addition, the bluish green seawater adds the natural atmosphere of this beach. Not only during the day you can enjoy the beauty of this beach, but at night you can see the sights of Aberdeen and Lamma Island which look beautiful from the beach. Beachfront land is also available for those who want to grill seafood or barbeque feast. Not far from the beach there is a beach which offers windsurfing facilities, namely Kwun Yam Beach. You only have to walk about five minutes to get to the Kwun Yam Beach from Tung Wan Beach .

Tung Wan Beach

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Transport options Tung Wan Beach

If you would like to visit this beach, you can head to the Central ferry port located in Hong Kong Island . At Central, you can go to the pier number 5 which serving the route to the port of Cheung Chau, Cheung Chau Island using a ferry. There are two types of ferries that you can use: regular and fast ferries. If using the regular ferry, travel time required to reach the Cheung Chau Island is about one hour. But if you use a fast ferry, it only takes about 40 minutes. To use the ferry you are charged differently for the two types of ferries. Arrived at the port of Cheung Chau, you can walk through Tung Wan Road about ten minutes to get to Tung Wan Beach.

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Hong Kong

The former British Crown Colony Hong Kong is now a Special Administrative Region of China. Centuries of foreign influences have made Hong Kong a hotpot of peoples and cultures and it now proudly calls itself Asia's World City. But, although Hong Kong is still predominantly a Chinese and Asian city you will find many British influences.

Tourism has grown tremendously the last years, mostly from the Chinese mainland but Hong Kong remains a magnet for people from all over the world. What you will notice when you are here is how crowded it is and how common it is to accidentally bump into people. Hong Kong has one of the highest population densities in the world with more than 7 million people cramped into a space of only 6500 square km. Luckily it has an excellent public transport system.

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Flying to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is served by Hong Kong International Airport. Hong Kong International Airport is located about 30 km west from Hong Kong. A taxi into the city from Hong Kong International Airport would cost HKD 300.00. Read more about Hong Kong International Airport or look for flights to Hong Kong