Sentani Lake Festival

Jayapura, Indonesia

Sentani Lake Festival


Sentani Lake which becomes one of the biggest tourist spots in Papua has it’s own enchantment. In order to promote this lake to the world, Sentani Lake Festival. In other word, this festival is held to develop tourism focused on natureal rich and local cultures.

This festival is annually held at Sentani Lake. It was first held on June 19th 2008 for 5 days in a row. Up until now, this festival has become an annual agenda starting on June 19th each year.

There are 3 main events in this festival, they are

1. Cultural shows : Showing many cultural attractions like oar race, curly hair plaiting, traditional sago making, traditional dances and cultural ceremonies. Visitors can also taste many identical foods of Papua like papeda (sago porridge originally from Papua), bagea (sago cake), areca-nut betel.

2. Papua’s handicraft exhibition : showing off kinds of Papua’s handicraft like bati Papua and Noken. Noken is identical bag from Papua made of wooden skin fiber.

3. Tour : taking you to enjoy Sentani Lake tour, Sentani Town tour and canal your.

The participans of this festival are dominated by people originally from both Jayapura district and city. The rests come from out of Papua and Papua people itself.

Through years, the number of visitors coming for this festival is increasing both domestic and international. Sentani Lake Festival has become on of wonderful Indonesia and the proud of national tourism.

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