Tanjung Taipa Beach

Kendari, Indonesia

Tanjung Taipa Beach

Taipa Beach is located in Lasolo sub-district, South East Sulawesi Province about 70 km from Kendari. The beach is famous its many kinds of mangos that grow here. Therefor try to visit this place in mango season, which is roughly the last months of the dry season. Many kinds of mangos are available here like the Harum manis Mango, Golek, Hiku and Tiger Mango. This beach is named Taipa beach because in the local language taipa means Mangos.

But not only the mangos are reason to go here. The beach has a beautiful view is sloping slightly so you can swim safely. You will find many small crabs at the waterline and when you swim you may be accompanied by a whitened line black fish. Adventurers can climb the rock hills behind the beach. While climbing the hill you will come across a bat cave. At the top you will have an amazing view of the sea and beaches, of Taipa beach but also other beaches around Taipa.

The back of Taipa beach is lined by coconut trees. Among the trees are several gazebos to hangout and take cover fun the burning sun or rain. Enjoy the beach view from here and don't forget to order Gogos. Gogos is warm sticky rice put in banana leaf and then burned. Try it with Pokea Sate or delicious shell sate. Alternatively try the fish with special flavor. 

Tanjung Taipa Beach

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Transport options Tanjung Taipa Beach

From Wolter Monginsidi Airport, Kendari, you can use public transport or taxi. Using taxi the fee is about IDR 30.000, about IDR 25.000 if you use ojeg, and about IDR 15.000 if you use public minivan. You can spend the night her by renting one of the cottages but its expensive, a night is about IDR 500.000. You can also rent saung or pendopo to minimize expenses, a night rent starts at IDR 100.000 per night.

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As the capital of Sulawesi Tenggara Province, Kendari has potential in nautical tourism including islands, cultures and beaches. Kendari is 295.89 km square and rich of sea products for the topography of Kendari is land with hills passed through many rivers which have Kendari Bay as the estuary.

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Flying to Kendari

Kendari is served by Haluoleo Airport. Haluoleo Airport is located about 20 km southwest from Kendari. A taxi into the city from Haluoleo Airport would cost IDR 100.00. Read more about Haluoleo Airport or look for flights to Kendari