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Ketapang City is located in West Kalimantan Province. It's located on the edge of Pawan River and the capital of Ketapang district. Favorite tourism spots in Ketapang are those related to natural potential and exoticism of Ketapang district. Ketapang has not been known worldwide especially in tourism, but the local government has been trying to promote Ketapang in order to let everyone knows that Ketapang is as beautiful as other cities in Kalimantan to visit.

Ketapang History

Netherlands once ruled Ketapang in 1936 and made Ketapang as one afdeling, territory of Kalimantan Barat Residency. Ketapang Afdeling was consisted in 3 kingdoms, Matan, Sukadana and Simpang Kingdom. Netherlands era ended when Japan came in 1942, but then Netherlands came again to rule once again in 1945. In 1956, Ketapang was legitimated as a district included in Kalimantan Barat Province by the government of Republic of Indonesia.

Things to see

You can have a cultural tour at GM Saunan Palace which is hundred years old and has so many legends in it. In this palace, you can see various things inherited which has high historical value. The most interesting part is the collection of various coins inherited by palace's time hundred years ago. You can also watch kind of bird and other endemic animals at Air Mati Beach and Lake Perendaman.

Things to do

One of favourite destination in Ketapang is Sawi Island. This island is surrounded by many small islands. Many fishers set this place as their best place to do their hobby, fishing. So, if you like fishing as your hobby also, it's better for you to come and enjoy fishing at Sawi Island for there are various fishes you can catch. If you like photography, you can take some pictures of many animals' activity at Air Mati Beach and Lake Perendaman.

Things to eat

Many delicious typical food of Ketapang you can try, like ketupat colet for example. This food looks like ketupat (rice cake boiled in a rhombus-shaped packet of plaited young coconut leaves) you can find anywhere, but the way how you eat is a bit unique for you need to dip it into beef or chicken rendang. Special condiment of this city is ale-ale condiment. Ale-ale itself is an animal like-clams. Typical snack you can find in ketapang is kerupuk amplang (amplang chip). This snack is made of belida fish.

Getting to Ketapang

Flying to Ketapang: Ketapang is served by Rahadi Osman Airport. Rahadi Osman Airport is located about 4 km northwest from Ketapang. Read more about Rahadi Osman Airport or look for flights to Ketapang


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