Genting Higlands

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Genting Higlands


Genting Highlands has become one of the most well-known tourist places in Malaysia. People call it the Las Vegas of Malaysia.

It is situated on a highland which makes the temperate quite cool. Genting Highlands is a place for night entertainment. You can try gambling at Casino Genting Highlands. Here are a lot of either indoor or outdoor playing grounds for children and adults. The most attracting one is the theme park at Genting Highlands.

Genting Outdoor Theme Park

In the Genting Outdoor Theme Park are 20 attractions including five Roller Coasters, i.e.:

  • Corkscrew, quite a challenge with 2 full rotations
  • Cyclone, smaller than the Corkscrew and is very suitable for children
  • Flying Coaster, more exciting than the Corkscrew. You can fly here.
  • Flying Dragon, its carriage is bigger than the Cyclone with dragon design.
  • Rolling Thunder Mine Train, the Roller Coaster will take you into a rocky mountain and dark cave and gives a mining atmosphere.

Besides the Casino Genting Highlands, other indoor attractions are First World Indoor Theme Park, you can ride in a Gondala or watch 4 dimension films at 4D Motion Master. You can also enjoy snow in Malaysia at Snow World, which resembles the real atmosphere. Or you can go to Ripley�s Museum with lots of the attractive objects. At the ground floor of First World Hotel there are food courts, malls, the Starworld Casino and First World Plaza. The following are several other attractions existing at Genting Highlands:

  • Ghost House, With a lot of spooky statues and men this will sure frighten you. This place is similar to the Ghost House at Taman Safari.
  • X-pedition Wall, the biggest indoor Climbing wall in South East Asia.
  • Genting Sky Venture, is the biggest simulator in Asia with the newest wind tunnel technology reaching a maximum speed of 120 miles per hour to keep you soaring in the air.
  • Shopping Galore, has more than 70 Outlets to satisfy you shopping needs.
  • Water Park, swimming pools and water playgrounds.

Transport options transport

Genting Highlands is only 30km north of Kuala Lumpur. There are several buses available from Kuala Lumpur departing from Puduraya, KL Sentral, Terminal Putra, and Pasarakyat. At the counters you can also get tickets for a whole day package tour to Genting Highlands for either the indoor or outdoor areas.

When arriving at the Genting Highlands bus station the tour is continued using a Cable Car to reach Genting Highlands. The last bus going to Genting usually leaves at 19.00 whereas the last bus leaving the Genting is at 20.30.

If you are from Singapore you can go directly to Genting using the very comfortable Grassland busses from the Golden Mile Complex which is about a 7 hour-drive.

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