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Kuching, an introduction


Kuching City is the capital of Serawak, Malaysia and the fourth biggest city in Malaysia. The ctizens of Kuching City are composed from many ethnic groups making this city has various cultures. The culture is not only thing Kuching has, but also many tourism spots come by tourists from all over the world. This thing makes Kuching as main tourism city in Malaysia.

Kuching History

At first, Kuching was a tribute territory for Majapahit Kingdom led by Temagi in Temasek. Then in the early of the 17th century, Brunei Sultanate opened Kuching for the first time. There are some opinions about the origin of the name “kuching”. One of them said that the name ‘kuching’ came from a tree producing cats-eye fruit grown at Mata Kucing Hill where there’s a small river (the river now called as Kuching River) running through to Sarawak River.

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things to see

Things to see

You can see many complete collections from many tropical plants and flowers in the world in Malesiana Tropical Nursery. To see some wildlife especially the wildlife of orang utan, you can come to Matang Wildlife Centre or Semenggoh Wildlife Centre. Sarawak Culture Settlementis the best choice to see directly the life and culture of this city. This spelled-like an animal, kucing (Indonesian for cat), has Kucing Museum. In the museum, you can see collections related to cats from all over the world.

things to do

Things to do

You have to take some quite high stairsteps to get natural carving in Fairy Cave or usually called Pari-Pari Cave. Negara Kubah Park is a suitable place for trekking through rain forest. In this locaton, you can play at waterfall dan small rivers or take pictures on a beautiful, mild and green panorama. The legend of Mount Santubong can be a reason for you to hike on this beautiful mount. Try to explore at Kuching Waterfront while enjoying the beauty of Kuching City.

things to eat

Things to eat

Every city surely has typical foods. As other city does, Kuching City also has typical food worthy to try. Enjoy the delicious Laksa Sarawak made of thin rice noodles with curry-like broth added with beansprout, sliced omelette and shrimp. Mee Kolok made of noodle with special condiment is also ready to tempt your appetite. Try also the sensation of Rujak Kucai containing cucumber, bakwan, fried tofu, fried chicken poured with special spice.

Things to see and do near Kuching

Airport at Kuching

Kuching is served by the International Airport.

Kuching International Airport (KIA) is the main airport in Sarawak and the third biggest airport in Malaysia after Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu. The airport is located just 11 km south of the city of Kuching. Several low-cost airlines fly to Kuching: JetStar and Tiger (to Singapore) FireFly (Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru) and AirAsia (multiple destinations, see below). Kuching International Airport is growing rapidly in recent years promoted by the local government which tries to attract more foreign tourists and airlines to KIA.

Entering the city from the airport

There is not a regular bus service from Kuching International Airport to the city leaving two options: by taxi and walking outside the airport to get on a bus. Taxi: Just outside the arrivals is a taxi coupon stand where a taxi to Kuching costs a fixed RM26. The ride takes about 20 minutes. Bus: To get on a bus to Kuching you have to walk outside the airport for a bus stop 1km away. When leaving the airport turn left and continue till a T intersection. Turn left again and walk to the big roundabout where you can get a bus heading north to the city: lines 3A, 6, 8G and 9 all go to Kuching.

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