Dua Island

Luwuk, Indonesia

Dua Island

This beautiful island is located in the Balantak sub-District, Banggai District, Central Sulawesi and has become the mascot of the Banggai tourism. Not many people know about this tourist attraction. Even so, this island has a very beautiful lush natural scenery. The existence of the rock mountain growing under the sea adds exoticism of this island. Not to mention the atmosphere of calmness and coolness owned by the island, it is a great tourist spot to unwind your stress.

The island also has many beaches overgrown by green trees, although not too white sand beaches and also not so subtle. For you lovers of snorkeling and diving, this place is perfect for you. But do not forget to bring your own equipment for there are no on-site services providing diving and snorkeling gear rental. For food and drink, it's also better for you to bring your own.

Clear sea water coupled with underwater bio diversity will certainly make you interested. It will be more interesting because you will find various types of large coral reefs that are still alive in the underwater paradise. The island is uninhabited, so do not be surprised if you do not find a hotel, a restaurant or a cell phone signal here. But if you want to stay, there are some simple inns provided that can be found in sub-district town Balantak.

Dua Island

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Transport options Dua Island

To reach this island when you come from downtown Luwuk then immediately head eastwards to the borders of East Luwuk then go to town sub-district town Balantak. The nearest crossing to the island is in Kampangar village located in Balantak sub-District. You can rent a boat to get to this island and only takes a journey crossing for about ten to fifteen minutes. Way to go to this island is not good, but it will pay off when you've arrived at this island.

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Luwuk is the capital of Banggai District and 607 km away from Palu City. The motto of Luwuk is Luwuk Berair, the abbreviation of Luwuk Bersih Aman Indah and Rapi ( Clean, Secure, Beautiful and Tidy Luwuk). This city is located between beach and hills which have beautiful nature scenery. The original habitant of Luwuk is Ta tribe, but there are also many other ethnic groups come and live here in Luwuk such as Bugis, Padang and Chinese.

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Flying to Luwuk

Luwuk is served by Syukuran Aminuddin Amir Airport. Syukuran Aminuddin Amir Airport is located about 10 km south from Luwuk. Read more about Syukuran Aminuddin Amir Airport or look for flights to Luwuk