Kete Kesu Village

Makassar, Indonesia

Kete Kesu Village


Kete Kesu Village is a village destination having beautiful panorama located in Bonoran, North Toraja, Sulawesi. This tourism village offers you a complete condition of Tana Toraja society-life which respects the tradition a lot. If you go here you need to respect thes rules made by the local people.

Kete Kesu village is part of a culture conservation program and known as one area producing world class carving, painting and sculpture handicraft. Also there are well-arranged Tongkonan along the way. Tongkonan is the well-known house of Tana Toraja. A Tongkonan house is wooden stage house where local people usually make the space underneath to keep buffalo.

The characteristic of Tongkonan is the upside down door, the roof is covered by black palm fiber, the shape looks a lot like facing downward ship with stern, there even some people describing it as buffalo’s horn and Tongkonan has to be built facing north. Local people believe that their ancestors’ spirit live in the north and if someone dies, they believe this person’s spirit joinstheir ancestors in the north.

If you’re lucky you can watch several traditional ceremonies, mostly there ceremonies are held between June to December. Among those ceremonies there’s Rambu Solo (mass and enliven funeral ceremony done in 3 to 7 days in a row), Rambu Tuka (traditional ceremony in entering new house) and other traditional ceremonies.

Best to bring some food and drinks with you as it may be difficult to find in the village. There is no hotel either in the village. But you can find one in Rantepao City located 5 km away. You can find many small shops though selling typically souvenirs of Tana Toraja.

Transport options transport

Kete Kesu is only located 5 km away from Rantepao City, which is the tourism base in Tana Toraja. Kete Kesu village can easily be reached by tour bus, local bus or even by walking as it is just a 5km walk.

Ticket fees ticket fee

If you come to this tourism village, you will be charged for about IDR 5,000 for domestics and IDR 10,000 for foreign tourists.

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