Ranopaso Hot spring

Manado, Indonesia

Ranopaso Hot spring


The land contour in Minahasa district is volcanic rich of hot spring potentials. It’s the reason why Minahasa district has several tourism destinations in the form of hot spring bathing place, one of them is Ranopaso Hot spring. This destination is located in Koya village, Tondano Barat sub-district, Minahasa district, Sulawesi Utara Province. It’s 30 km away from Manado City. Ranopaso is taken from local language which means hot water.

This location is divided into several ponds streamed directly from the hot spring source located not far from the bathing place location. The management provides also special place completed with bath-up if you want to enjoy it privately. The hot water contains sulfur believed in curing skin disease. You will also feel relaxed and comfortable while soaking your body into the bathing place so it will make your body even fresher.

You can also enjoy beautiful and mild natural sceneries around Ranopaso Hot spring Bathing Place. If you’re planning to stay overnight, there are many cottages and bungalows you can rent to stay with of course affordable price.

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From Manado City, you can use public transportation heading to this bathing place located in Tondano City for about one and a half hour.

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Ranopaso Hot spring

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