Dua Warna Waterfall

Medan, Indonesia

Dua Warna Waterfall


Dua Warna Waterfall is located in Durin Sirugun village, Sibolangit sub-district around 75 km from Medan. The waterfall was formed as a result of Mount Sibayak’s explosion hundred of years ago and the water originates also from Mount Sibayak. As the name implies, this waterfall has two colors, light blue water while it falls and greyish white below.

The colors of the water are influenced by phosphorus and sulphur contained in the water. Because of those chemicals it’s quite dangerous to drink the water found at this waterfall. So be careful while you swim in the water.

The 100 metres high waterfall is located inside a forest. You would need a to hire a local guide to go through this forest to head to Dua Warna Waterfall. This will cost you around IDR 100,000 to 300,000, depending your wishes and bargaining power. You will need to go through the entrance at Sibolangit camp site then you continue by trekking through forest for about 2-3 hours. Best not to visit this place in the rainy season as the path can get very slippery and there is no shelter available along the way.

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From Medan you can get on a bus or take a taxi and head to Sibolangit, around 75 km away. At the Sibolangit camp site is the entrance for Dua Warna Waterfall.

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