Grand Mosque

Medan, Indonesia

Grand Mosque


Just a few hundred meters in front of the Maimoon Palace you can find another landmark building in Medan, also build by the Sultan of Deli and is another architectural feast for the eye.

The Mosque was designed by the Dutch architect Dingemans and it combines styles of the Middle East, Spain and India. The building has a octagonal symmetrical shape and has four wings in the north, south, east and west part of the building. This is according to how ancient mosques in the Middle East were build: the main hall used for prayer (called the sahn) and four wings for shelter (called the mugutha or suntuh). The building has a floor size of 5000 M2.

Construction of the Grand Mosque started in 1906 and was finished three years later. Parts of the building materials were imported: the marble for decorations were imported from Italy and Germany and the stained glass from China. The rich decorations in the mosque are different from other mosques in that here not calligraphy is used but carvings of flowers and winding plants covered with paint.

The domes are unusually black and quadrangle shaped. There are a total of five domes on the Grand mosque, one on top of the main hall, and four on each wing.

The Grand Mosque of Medan is considered to be one of the most beautiful mosques in North Sumatera.

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The Grand Mosque is in the center of Medan at the Jl Sisingamangaraja close to the tourist area. When entering the Grand Mosque show respect by dressing modestly (preferably no tank-tops or shorts) and woman are asked to cover their heads with the scarves provided.

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