Cemaga Beach

Natuna, Indonesia

Cemaga Beach

Cemaga Beach is one beautiful beach located in Bunguran Selatan sub-District, Natuna District, Kepulauan Riau Province and is about 50 km away from Ranai, the capital of Natuna District. This beach is one of the mainstay attractions that stretch five kilometers and facing toward the east.

Although it is one of the favorite attractions the Cemaga Beach is still rarely visited by tourists from outside the region Natuna District. It makes this beach perfect for those who want to go into seclusion for a while enjoying the beauty of nature. The blue water looks very clean and clear, accompanied by soft white sand where there are rows of palm trees waving on the edge of the beach. In addition, there are also rocks that help to beautify the atmosphere of the beach.

Panorama of sunrise is another natural charm offered by Cemaga Beach. You will find stunning panoramic horizon as the sun rises from the eastern horizon. You do not have to worry about missing the moment because there are several inns that you can choose to stay around the beach. Prices are very affordable. Being in Cemaga Beach, you can feel the peace and comfort, accompanied by its natural beauty.

Cemaga Beach

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Transport options Cemaga Beach

There is no public transport available leading to the beach Cemaga. You can use a private vehicle or rental car to get to this beach. From Natuna District capital, Ranai, you can travel for about an hour to get to the Cemaga beach. Entrance of the beach area is free.

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Natuna Travel Guide


Natuna is a district in Riau Province located near the international shipping lane trough the Malacca Strait. Natuna is both rich in nature resources (oil and gas) and a popular tourist destination. Located at 3-959 metres above sea level, the topography is lowland with few mountains.

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Flying to Natuna

Natuna is served by Ranai Airport. Ranai Airport is located about 4 km south from Natuna. Read more about Ranai Airport or look for flights to Natuna