Alif Stone Park, Natuna

Natuna, Indonesia

Alif Stone Park, Natuna

There is an interesting tourist attraction in Natuna, called as Alif Stone Park. Alif Stone Park is a park of rocks located on a beach. The tourist area is located in Sepempang village, Bunguran Timur sub-District, Natuna District, Riau Islands Province. Alif Stone Park has an area of about three acres. In this park, there aare thousands of stone of prehistoric megalithic landscaped along the seashore.

Arriving at Alif Stone Park tourist attraction, you not only will be fascinated by the range of prehistoric stones that line on the edge of the beach, but the views of others such as the blue water that surrounds the stones will also increase your admiration. Alif Stone Park is one of the favorite places for day trips to the surrounding population. Here you can sit relaxed on the beach while enjoying the atmosphere or get soaked into sea water flowing in rock crevices. The sea water here is very clear that the small fish and colorful coral reefs can be seen directly from the surface. In the evening you can enjoy a beautiful sunset of Natuna.

The presence of stones in Alif Stone Park remains a mystery to this day. How the very large stones may exist at the seashore. There is one stone that stands on top of the other rocks. The shape resembles the letter Alif in Arabic letters. That's why the local people named this area as Alif Stone Park. If you ever watched the movie Laskar Pelangi, you can imagine this park is similar to one of the beaches in Belitung region, a movie set of Laskar Pelangi. So, spend some of your time to visit Alif Stone Park while in Natuna.

Alif Stone Park, Natuna

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Transport options Alif Stone Park, Natuna

To get to Alif Stone Park is not difficult because its location is quite close to Ranai, the capital of Natuna. The distance is approximately three kilometers and takes only about fifteen minutes. Almost all the existing means of transportation could get to this place because the road infrastructure facilities are already available.

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Natuna is a district in Riau Province located near the international shipping lane trough the Malacca Strait. Natuna is both rich in nature resources (oil and gas) and a popular tourist destination. Located at 3-959 metres above sea level, the topography is lowland with few mountains.

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Flying to Natuna

Natuna is served by Ranai Airport. Ranai Airport is located about 4 km south from Natuna. Read more about Ranai Airport or look for flights to Natuna