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Natuna is a district in Riau Province located near the international shipping lane trough the Malacca Strait. Natuna is both rich in nature resources (oil and gas) and a popular tourist destination. Located at 3-959 metres above sea level, the topography is lowland with few mountains.

Most popular

Things to see

Tanjung Beach is often crowded on Sunday afternoon. You can swim at this beach here and enjoy the beautiful sunset at Tanjung Beach.

Sisi Beach is also visited by many people, starting at dawn when the fishermen are busy preparing to go out fishing. In 2006, Sisi beach was granted as one of the best nature beaches in the world by Island Magazine. At Sis Beach many local people play games for you to watch. Natuna has more to offer than only beautiful beaches: there are some caves to explore in Batu Sindu and Kapal Batu Cave.

Things to eat

One of the local Natuna food is Laksa Tarempa originally from Tarempa village. Laksa Tarempa is made of white thick noodles with spices. Then there's lempa, made of glutinous rice added with tuna flavor and covered with banana leaf. The last but not least is Kernas made of sagu mixed with tuna then fried and served with sour-sweet sauce.

Getting to Natuna

Flying to Natuna: Natuna is served by Ranai Airport. Ranai Airport is located about 4 km south from Natuna. Read more about Ranai Airport or look for flights to Natuna

Things to do close by Natuna

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