Biaro Bahal Temples

Padang, Indonesia

Biaro Bahal Temples


Bahal emples are located in the Village Bahal, South Tapanuli regency, North Sumatra, about 3 hours drive from Padangsidempuan.

The Bahal Temples is a temple complex (local people have called this Biaro). This complex is the largest in South Sumatra since this area includes Bahal 1 Temple, Bahal 2 Temple and Bahal 3 Temple. The temples were constructed in the the 11th till the 14th century and are devoted to Buddhisme.

The Bahal Temples are part of the bigger Padang Luas (or Padanglawas) Temple complex which includes several other temples, among others: Pulo Temple, Temple Barumun, Singkilon Temple, Temple Bara, Temple Sipamutung, Aloban Temple, Temple Rondaman Dolores, Temple Magaledang, Nagasaribu Temple, Temple Sitopayan

Of the many temples, only the Bahal Temples have undergone renovation, the other ones are still in the process of renovation.

What is interesting is the direction of the Bahal temples. The Main temple is overlooking the south-east while usually temples in Indonesia are facing the west or east.

The best part of the Bahal Temples is the roof because the roof of the temple is surrounded by decorated ribbons, very natural depicted. The temples also have a unique relief. There are two reliefs of lions and giant images, in addition to the main temple there are four temples perwata or supporting temples.

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