Batu Karas Beach

Pangandaran, Indonesia

Batu Karas Beach

Batu Karas Beach is one of the Pangandaran City's fascination which becomes tourists' destination. This beach is located at Batukaras village, Cijulang district, Pangandaran regency, West Java province. The nature of this beach is more calm then Pangandaran Beach. This beach has brown sand beach, wide seaside and also has sloping beach countour with its friendly waves that make every tourist here will feels safe, comfort and relax.

The friendly waves on Batu Karas Beach make this beach becomes favorit place for beginner to amateur surfers. Here is also available for surfboard rent place and surfing course. For renting surfboard, you can pay 75,000 IDR per person and for surfing course you have to pay 150,000 IDR per hour. Do you want to enjoy the beautiful of Batu Karas Beach's underwater? You can do here because this beach has snorkeling spots. You can also rent the snorkeling equipment here. Tariff for snorkeling is about 1,500,000 IDR for five to six hours, boat and snorkeling equipment rent are included. Swimming ban rent is available for 5,000-10,000 IDR depends on its size, banana boat rent is for 45,000 per person and here is also available boat rent to take around the beach. For renting boat, you can bargain with boat owner.


For you who wants to camp here in beach area, you can do that because camping ground is available here.

Another facilities which available on Batu Karas Beach are cottages which can be used for you who comes here with your family. Those cottages are managed by Regional Tourism Office of Ciamis Regency and equipped with playground and also prayer room.

Souvenir and snack stands are available here. If you feel hungry, don't need to worry because so many restaurants are found easily in this Batu Karas Beach area. They offer various menu, especially seafood with affordable prices. Don't forget to enjoy both sunrise and sunset in this beach. Many hotels with various tariff are waiting for you to stay longer here enjoying Batu Karas Beach.

Ticket fees ticket fee

Person only: Rp. 1,500, by motor bike: Rp. 4.000, by car: Rp. 20.000 and by bus: Rp. 35.000

Batu Karas Beach

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Transport options Batu Karas Beach

Batu Karas Beach is located about 34 km from Pangandaran Regency center. You can reach this beach by private or rent vehicle. The road's condition to this beach is good enough.If you are already in Green Canyon, so it's so easy for you to reach Batu Karas Beach because it's not too far. You will see cool scenery such as trees and water flow from Green Canyon on the way to Batu Karas Beach from Green Canyon area.

Pangandaran Travel Guide


Pangandaran, located on the southern coast of Java on the Indian Ocean is famous for its many water related tourist hightlight. The local government is collaboration with the people and travel agencies to promote the city and its tourist spots. This is also supported with local people's ability to often speak in at least three languages, Sundanese, Indonesian, English and sometimes some other foreign languages.

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Flying to Pangandaran

Pangandaran is served by Cijulang Nusawiru Airport. Cijulang Nusawiru Airport is located about 25 km west from Pangandaran. Read more about Cijulang Nusawiru Airport or look for flights to Pangandaran