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Pangandaran, located on the southern coast of Java on the Indian Ocean is famous for its many water related tourist hightlight. The local government is collaboration with the people and travel agencies to promote the city and its tourist spots. This is also supported with local people's ability to often speak in at least three languages, Sundanese, Indonesian, English and sometimes some other foreign languages.

Pangandaran History

Pangandaran was first inhabited by several fishermen from the Sunda tribe. They prefered this location for calm tide making it easier for fishermen to fish. The word "œPangandaran" is derived from 2 words, the symbol of the city itself. "œPangan" means food and "œDaran" means immigrant. So the name Pangandaran can be interpreted as a place to live (seek food) for immigrants. When Raflesia Flower was found in 1961, Pangandaran became a conservation area as well and subsequently in 1978 a Tourism Park for its many recreation spots.

Things to see

Because of the location on the Indian Ocean Pangandaran is popular for its sea view and water-related tours. For example Indah Pangandaran Beach. This beach is favorite for its good atmosphere and waves suiteable for surfing. Nearby is Batu Hiu Beach (Shark Rock Beach) which will remind us of Tanah Lot in Bali. This beach is called so for there's a big rock resembling the mouth of a shark.

Things to do

Pangandaran Waterpark is one of the latest tourism spots in Pangandaran. Unlike other waterparks this one is located on the edge of Lembah Putri beach.

A must see place to visit in Pangandaran is the Green Canyon, located in Kertajaya village where you can swim in the river. You can also go rafting on Cijulang River.

Things to eat

Being originally a fishermen village most food you will find here is seafood. There is a fish market where you can try all sort of seafood from tropical fishes to Tiger Gambas. You can also try Ikan Asin Jambal Roti is you like salty fishes.

Getting to Pangandaran

Flying to Pangandaran: Pangandaran is served by Cijulang Nusawiru Airport. Cijulang Nusawiru Airport is located about 25 km west from Pangandaran. Read more about Cijulang Nusawiru Airport or look for flights to Pangandaran


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