Cottesloe Beach

Perth, Australia

Cottesloe Beach

Although Perth has dozens of beaches, but the most famous beach and became one of the best beaches in the world is Cottesloe Beach. Cottesloe Beach is a beach on the western part of Perth, located between Central Business District and Fremantle Port, and enter into the realm area of Town of Cottesloe . The beach is named after a British politician, namely Thomas Fremantle The First Baron Cottesloe .

There are many things can be done at this beach, that's why the beach became tourist's main destination. Cottesloe Beach is a white sand beach. The beach's shoreline waters are not too deep and don't have big waves so it is safe to swim on. Snorkeling and surfing can also be done here. The beach location is close to the residential area, shopping areas and golf courses. Along the beach there are lots of cafes, restaurants and bars as well as a row of more than a century old pine trees. Buildings with a unique Spanish architecture completed with beautiful gardens can also be found along the coast .

The weather at Cottesloe Beach can be said as unique for the air in this beach is hot and dry but the winds feel so cool, it's ideal for walking or cycling along the coast. On Saturday night, there is often a well-known event held in the beach, namely the Sunday Session, held at various bars on the beach. One location you can come to at the Sunday Session is Cottesloe Beach Hotel. Meanwhile, concerts and performances in the New Year's Eve are usually held in Cottesloe Esplanade.

If you want to go shopping, just come at Napoleon Street which is filled with exclusive boutiques and many souvenir shops. If you walk towards Stirling Highway, you can find shopping centre, namely Groove Shopping Center.

Eating at Cottesloe Beacheating info

Restaurants, bars and hotels along the coast present many kinds of delicious dishes and drinks according to your choice. Do not forget to enjoy a typical Italian gelato ice cream always sought by visitors every day.

Cottesloe Beach

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Transport options Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe Beach is not far from Perth's city centre. Your only need about fifteen minutes to get to this beach. From Perth's city center, you can use Transperth and get off at Cottesloe Train Station. From this point, the journey continues on foot . You can also use a train also. In summer there will usually be free Shuttle Bus from the station to Cottesloe Beach.

Perth Travel Guide


Don't forget to go to Perth when you're in Australia. Perth is the capital of the Australian state of Western Australia. It's located on the coastal area of Australia, making Perth is known as the city of ports. Perth itself is divided into 2 parts, North and South Perth. Perth has so many interesting tourism destinations. There are historical, parks and typical foods that will surely make you satisfied.

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Flying to Perth

Perth is served by Perth Airport. Perth Airport is located about 12 km east from Perth. A taxi into the city from Perth Airport would cost AUD 40.00. Read more about Perth Airport or look for flights to Perth