Equator Monument

Pontianak, Indonesia

Equator Monument


Pontianak, the Equator City, is not famous for it's tourist hotspots but one of the things you can visit here is the Equator Monument, one of the main touristic attractions here. This monument is located on Khatulistiwa Street in Pontianak, just on the northern shore of the river.

The building is structured by 4 different iron wood poles, two of them 3,05 metres high the other two, the backside poles which hold the circle and direction arrow, is 4,40 metres high. On the centre of the circle, there is a writing 'EVENAAR' which means equator. Below of the direction arrow, there is a metal sheet written with 109* 20' OLvGr which shows the location of the Equator Monument on the east longitudinal line.

Unfortunately the equator is slowly moving south and the exact location of the equator is now in the river.

An interesting moment happens here at the Equator Monument: the sun culmination point. It happens when the sun is right above the equator, making all shadows disappear because the sun is right above your head. When this happens, the monument's and other things' shadows will disappear for a moment. This event happens twice a year, between March 21st-23rd and September 21st-23rd.

Visiting the monument is free. You can get a certificate saying you have been here for Rp 10,000. On this certificate your picture will be attached and it is signed by the Mayor of Pontianak.

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The Equator Monument is only 3 km away from the centre of Pontianak City on the main road north parallel to the river. It can be easily reached by any bus or public transportation heading to this direction.

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