Cepi Watu Beach

Ruteng, Indonesia

Cepi Watu Beach

Cepi Watu Beach is one tourist attraction in the village of Nanga Labang, Borong sub-District, Manggarai Timur District, West Nusa Tenggara Province. The beach is located on the Bunga Island and rolled toward the Sawu Sea which became one of the tourist icons in Manggarai Timur District or often referred to as the Maritime District.

This beach stretches along three kilometers from west to east and has brown sand along the edge of the beach. Scenery in the Cepi Watu Beach looks still very clean and beautiful with clear and blue sea water. On the seashore there are many trees like ketapang, hibiscus and quasi mangroves flourish and add the coolness of the air on the beach. In the west coast there are rocks that have a fresh water spring that flows between cracks. From this beach, you can also get mountain view.

On Sundays or other holidays, many tourists visit this beach to enjoy the beauty and spend time playing. Waves on the beach are quite high, so if you want to swim in this beach, you should be careful. Although the contours of the coast is sloping, but you have to remain careful as the water at this beach can recede as far as 300 m because there are some deep ocean trenches close to the this coast.

Although this beach is managed by the local government, but there are not many facilities available. To get food and drink vendors, you have to walk towards the edge of the causeway island of Flores, about 500 metres of Cepi Watu Beach.

Ticket fees ticket fee

To enter Cepi Watu Beachyou have to pay an entrance fee of IDR 5,000 per person.

Cepi Watu Beach

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Transport options Cepi Watu Beach

Cepi Watu beach is only about three kilometers away from Borong City, the capital of Manggarai Timur District. If you have been Borong, then you can easily reach the coast using ground vehicles. But if you are in Ruteng as a starting point trips, it will remain easy to reach the beach which is about 50 km is due to the road leading to the location of these attractions is quite good and can be achieved with a drive that takes about 1.5 hours drive.

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