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Sampit is the capital of Kutowaringi Timur district in Kalimantan Tengah Province. It's located on the Mentaya River which is the main river in the city. This river is used for trading, fishing and it is a popular touristic destination. There's a unique tradition done by local people in the month Safar (a month in Islamic calendar). It's Mandi Safar which takes place in Mentaya River and is believed to cast away bad luck.

Things to see

Easy to visit is Bundaran Sampit, or the local people usually call it as Bundaran Polres for its is near the Sampir Police Office. This place is at the heart of Sampit.

Nearby Sampit you can see beautiful white lime sand at Salju Lake. There's also Greenland, an area still natural and unspoiled.

Things to do

A visit to this city without buying some souvenirs will be incomplete. A shopping centre you need to visit is Mentaya Shopping Centre, the biggest shopping centre in Sampit. This shopping centre is located on the side of Mentaya River. After shopping, you can continue to see the sea scenery at Port Sampit. This port is located near to Mentaya Shopping Centre. There's also Sampit City Park which provides children playground and basketball court for you and your children.

Things to eat

One culinary you can taste in Sampit is wadi. This food is made of snakehead fish, patin fish and others.

There's telur mata gajah (elephants eye's egg) you can find along the way in city park. Other culinary treats you can try are Juhu Umbut Pisang, Juhu Umbut Sawit and many more.

Getting to Sampit

Flying to Sampit: Sampit is served by H. Asan Airport. H. Asan Airport is located about 6 km northeast from Sampit. Read more about H. Asan Airport or look for flights to Sampit


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