Watu Maladong Beach

Tambolaka, Indonesia

Watu Maladong Beach

Indonesia is rich in cultural and natural attractions. One of the attractions that wonderful enough in Indonesia is Watu Maladong Beach. Watu Maladong Beach is a beach that still looks natural with natural scenery and the atmosphere is incredible. This beach offers the beauty of nature in the form of a cluster of giant rocks. This beach is located in Panenggo Ede village, Kodi Balaghar sub-District, Sumba Barat Daya District, East Nusa Tenggara Province, or about 57 kilometers from the city center of Tambolaka.

This beach is considered quite natural. There are many high and large rock cliffs adorning the side of this beach, making it an ideal spot for rock climbing activities. Plus there is one more uniqueness contained on this coast, it's the existence of a fairly large rock that resembles a traditional house of Sumba with four pillars and have a crack underneath it.

There are not yet available public facilities such as café, playground and hotel in the region. It really makes it a tourist attraction with a fairly natural feel. Moreover with the giant rocks those not all coastal areas have it. And if you want to take a walk on the beach area with bare feet even you do not have to worry about your feet getting hurt because this beach has a sand beach which is quite soft texture and slightly colored grayish brown. There are also a few corners on the beach very suitable to be a place to relax while waiting for the sunset. If you want, you can also swim in this place.

Transport options Watu Maladong Beach

If you want to visit Watu Maladong Beach, you can use the plane to Tambolaka route. From Tambolaka Airport, you can continue the journey by public transport or renting a car. If using public transport, you can use the mini bus heading to Walandimu. Arriving in Walandimu, proceed to use a motorcycle taxi to the Watu Maladong Beach. The layout is fairly secluded beach so there is no public transport serving this purpose to the opposite shore.

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Tambolaka is the capital of Sumbawa Barat Daya district, Nusa Tenggara Timur Province. Sumba Barat Daya itself has beautiful nature potential. Its natural place and calm making this place suitable for self relaxation away from the crowd of a city. Though the facilities haven't been completed yet, this place is still worthy to be a vacation destination.

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Tambolaka is served by Tambolaka Airport. Tambolaka Airport is located about 4 km north from Tambolaka. Read more about Tambolaka Airport or look for flights to Tambolaka