Mempayak Lake

Tanjung Pandan, Indonesia

Mempayak Lake


Though Belitung Timur has so many lakes, but Lake Mempayak is the widest lake in Belitung Timur you can visit. This lake is located in Mempaya village, Damar sub-district, Belitung Timur district, Bangka Belitung province. This tourism destination is located on the edge of a main road connecting Kelapa Kampit and Manggar city.

Lake Mempayak is not a natural one, but a human made lake caused by tin mining. This lake is not so famous tourism destination but it’s nothing to lose to visit this lake when you’re in Belitung Island. Located on the bottom of Mount Burung Mandi, the panorama around looks so amazing. For you who love photography, you will be satisfied taking pictures in the location.

Swimming, fishing and boating are activities you can do while you’re in this natural tourism destination. If you just want to relax a bit, you can use some gazebos available on the edge of the lake. You can also find some merchants selling foods and drinks.

This tourism destination is located on the edge of a road heading to other destination, Dewi Kwan Im Buddhist Monastery. Lake Mempayak also has a wide parking lot. Besides, if you come in certain days like the independence day of Indonesia, you will be able to see some games and races held in the lake like rafting race. This of course attracts many tourists to come and an added value for this destination also.

Transport options transport

To get to this destination is not so difficult for the location is on the edge of a main road from Tanjungpandan to Manggar City, Belitung Timur. From H.A.S. Hanandjoeddin Airport, Tanjungpandan you will need to go 50 km far to this lake. If you go from the heart of Manggar City, you can rent an ojeg for about IDR 10,000 per person (it can be bargained). But if you go from the heart of Tanjungpandan City, you can rent a car rented by many hotels or inns in Tanjungpandan City, with the tariff starting from IDR 250,000.

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Mempayak Lake

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