Penyengat Island

Tanjung Pinang, Indonesia

Penyengat Island

The name 'Penyengat' is Indonesian for wasp. When the island was still not occupied, many sailors and fishermen stopped by. There was a fisherman attacked by bee-like animals while he was taking water. Then he shouted, "Penyengat (wasp)... penyengat... penyengat." That is why this island is called Penyengat (Wasp) Island.

This 2,500 x 750 metres island is about 6 km away from Tanjung Pinang, Kepulauan Riau Province and an important tourist destination in the Riau province. The island used to be the seat of government for the Sultan of Riau. It has a beautiful scenery and some historical landmarks worth to visit. They are Masjid Raya Sultan Riau (a unique masjid for using eggs to stick the stones, not cement), Kings of Riau tombs (one of them is King Ali Haji's tomb, the king known for his aphorisms of 12 lines), Kursi Hills which was used as fort and Balai Adat which was used to keep king's and queen's utilities.

Penyengat Island

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Transport options Penyengat Island

From Tanjung Pinang, you can use small motor boat called as pompong. It can carry 20-30 passengers at a time. The charge is IDR 5,000 per person for one trip. Pompong can also be rented for IDR 50,000 for one trip. You can use motorized pedicab while in Penyengat Island. The charge depends on the distance you want, but you can pay IDR 20,000 to use it going around the island

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