Resun Waterfall

Tanjung Pinang, Indonesia

Resun Waterfall

Resun Waterfall is a tourism spot located in Resun Village, North Lingga District, Lingga Regency, Riau Islands Province. This tourism spot is most visited by local tourists especially on holidays.

Water on this tourism spot is so natural and crystal clear. This water comes from some rivers which are sourced from Mt. Daik. Besides that, this tourism spot is surrounded by beautiful nature. There are big and tall trees growing around this waterfall. Water gurgling combined with nature sounds represent a cool relaxation for soul soothing to every tourist who visits here.

Resun Waterfall is 100 m high and has 45 degrees of waterfall's rocks. It makes the water doesn't fall down directly to the base but stay flowing through the rocks. This waterfall has twelve levels. On fourth level and the last level or the base of waterfall are the levels which can be used by tourists to feel how fresh and cool the water is and also a nice place to swimming.

Tourists also can watch the annual event called as Mandi Syafar. This is an hereditary tradition since the last Sultan of Lingga Riau, Sultan Abdurrahman Muazamsyah 'till present. Mandi Syafar is a ritual which believed able to keep away from disaster and other bad things.

Transport options Resun Waterfall

Resun Village is located at northern of Lingga Island, Riau Islands Province. This village is located around fifteen kilometers away from Daik City which can be reached by land vehicle in 30 minutes.

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Tanjung Pinang is the capital of Kepulauan Riau Province lived prominently by Malay tribe. This city has domestic and international port, Sri Bintan Pura Port, and also Raja Haji Fisabilillah Airport for international airport. But this city also has several interesting tourism spots for you to visit, though.

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Tanjung Pinang is served by Raja Haji Fisabilillah International Airport. Raja Haji Fisabilillah International Airport is located about 6 km west from Tanjung Pinang. A taxi into the city from Raja Haji Fisabilillah International Airport would cost 80.000. Read more about Raja Haji Fisabilillah International Airport or look for flights to Tanjung Pinang