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Tarakan, an introduction


Tarakan is located on the edge of a sea, offering many nautical tourism spots. There’s also forest tourism spots for the local government has been doing mangrove conservation for about 8.8 hectare combined with various flora and fauna. There are also other interesting spots you can visit offered by this Bumi Paguntaka with the motto Tarakan Kota Bersih Aman Indah Sehat dan Sejahtera (Clean, Secure, Beautiful, Healthy and Wealthy tarakan City).

Tarakan History

Many people believed that the name “Tarakan” was taken from 2 words of Tidung tribe’s language, Tarak (meet) and Ngakan (eat). So the word “Tarakan” can be translated as the place for fishermen to meet to do barter each other and to eat together. The history of Tarakan can be divided into several eras, the era of Tidung Kingdom also known as tarakan Kingdom (Kalkan/Kalka) between 1076-1156, the era of Tenggara Dynasty between 1557-1916 led by Amiril Rasyad Gelar Datoe Radja Laoet and the era of Netherlands in 1896 marked by the settlement of Netherlands oil company, ended with the era of Japanesse occupancy until independence. The anniversary of tarakan is on december 15th.

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things to see

Things to see

There are several unique tourism spots in Tarakan, for example is mangrove forest. This place was built for Tarakan is surrounded by seas so they need a way to prevent abrasion. The first originator was Mr. Jusuf Kala who was the mayor at that time. There’s also Amal Beach located in tarakan Timur sub-district. At this beach you will be pleased by the beauty of brwon sand. The last but not least are Jembatan Besi and bunker, remains of World War II.

things to do

Things to do

Derawan Island is part of tarakan territory, offering you beautiful beach with white sand and fascinating sea-view. At this beach we can do many activities like snorkeling to enjoy beautiful corals along with the sea creatures. There’s also a unique fauna which usually come by, green turtle. You can also go to outbond area at Agro Wisata Karungan in Mamburungan Timur village, Tarakan Timur sub-district.

things to eat

Things to eat

It would be incomplete visiting Tarakan without trying typical sefood cook of Tarakan. The most famous culinary is Kepiting Bakau (mangrove crabs). Unlike other crabs, mangrove crab is quite big and full of meat. There’s Kepiting Saos Kenari Restaurant with kepiting saos (sauced crab) as the main menu. There’s also kapah, white clam usually found in many foodstalls and restaurants in Tarakan.

Things to see and do near Tarakan

Beaches and Islands

National Parks, Forests and Waterfalls

Airport at Tarakan

Tarakan is served by the Juwata Airport.

Juwata Airport (TRK) is an airport in Tarakan, East Kalimantan, Indonesia. It is located on the island of Tarakan which is off the coast of Borneo. The airport was the main Allied objective during the Battle of Tarakan (1945). From Juwata Airport Garuda Citilink and Kartika have flights to Balikpapan; DAS and Kal-Star to Samarinda, Kal-Star also flies to Tanjung Selor and DAS flies to Long Bawan.

Entering the city from the airport

A taxi to or from the airport costs about Rp 45,000. Alternatively you can walk out about 200m to the highway and try to catch a public minibus for the standard price of Rp 3000. There are also ojek for hire at various street corners. The best spot to catch a taxi, ojek or minibus is the terminal on Jl Yos Sudarso.

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