Tagalaya Island

Tobelo, Indonesia

Tagalaya Island

Being a tropical archipelago some can never stop talking about the beauty of the maritime life in Indonesia and this beauty is for sure the reason why Indonesia is such a popular destination for tourist and in particular divers, domestic and foreigners. But luckily there are still many places in Indonesia that have not been "discovered" by the masses and the accompanying development and distruction of nature.Still many beautiful places exist where you can enjoy nature in its fullest.

Several islands in Indonesia still have beautiful untouched marine life. One of them is Tagalaya Island located near Tolebo in Maluku, which is a protected area. This small island has extraordinary natural beauty, especially its sea biota.

Tagalaya Island presents us with an incredible panorama with white sand beaches and clear blue water like in a painting. Not to mention when you dive where you will be offered an incredible beautiful view. There are several diving spots recommended for all divers.

You will meet stunning untouched coral reefs, colorful fish , octopus with its huge tentacles and mangroves near the coast growing on the white sand.

The waters around this island are so rich in marine life you can just snorkel to already see lots of it. However, if you want to see more you can dive at a comfortable depth of between 2-10 meters where you will already fin great coral and marine biota.

Like everywhere else there is a strict rule here to not stand on the coral as this will damage the coral (and hurt your feet too). So, take a note to put Tagaya Island on your next dive destination list.

Tagalaya Island

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Transport options Tagalaya Island

Getting to Tagalaya Island, can be done by traditional boat "ketinting" or by speedboat both from the Tobelo harbour.

It takes about 20-30 minutes to get to Tagalaya from Tobelo harbour.

We recommend using the traditional boat as you have more time to enjoy the scenery and can make up a conversation with the boat owner who probably knows the best places to visit and dive and, who knows, he may even give you a discount.

Things to do close by Tagalaya Island

Tobelo Travel Guide


Tobelo City is located on the eastern of northern peninsula of Halmahera Island and also the biggest city in the island. Tobelo is the capital of Halmahera Utara district and has good coconut trees view. Beaches, small island clusters and underwater beauty will be the reason for you coming to Tobelo City.

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Flying to Tobelo

Tobelo is served by Kuabang Airport. Kuabang Airport is located about 60 km south from Tobelo. A taxi into the city from Kuabang Airport would cost IDR 150.000. Read more about Kuabang Airport or look for flights to Tobelo