Vietnam Travel Guide


The Socialist Republic of Vietnam, is located on the far east on Indochina Peninsula with Hanoi as its capital but Ho Chi Minh City, used to be known as Saigon, as its largest city. Although still a one-party communist country a the introduction of capitalist elements in the '90 was tremendously successful and Vietnam has seen an economic growth approaching that of neighboring China.

Things to see

Most tourists will visit the southern part and especially Ho Chi Minh city which has a vibrant night life, many historic buildings and museums. It is also a good place to use as a base to discover the surrounding sites like the Mekong Delta and the Cu Chi Tunnels.

Nha Trang is a popular beach resort as well as Mui Ne. The old Imperial city of Hue is a must see and be sure to make some excellent clothes or shoes at one of the many tailors here.

Things to eat

Vietnamese cuisine varies region to region and every region has its own specialty, but everywhere chicken porridge is the most popular breakfast in Vietnam. Also you can find baguettes and croissants everywhere, a leftover from the French. The local Vietnamese coffee is amazing, very strong and very sweat, be sure to try it.

Getting to Vietnam

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