Depok beach

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Depok beach


This beach is located 5 km west of Parangtritis. Depok beach has developed itself as a place for fish auction and culinary tourism, especially sea food.

The most popular fish is tuna and for Rp 8,000 per kg containing 5-6 fish, it is very cheap. Or you can buy white snapper and red snapper, for about Rp 17,000 - Rp 25,000 per kg or pomfret fish with a cost of about Rp 27,000 - Rp 60,000 per kg.

At Depok beach you can for sure also buy shrimp, crab and squid.

Once completed with your purchase you normally will be escorted to one of the restaurants at the beach front where your fish will be prepared, just say if you want it fried (goreng) or baked (bakar).

Total cost for a half kg of tuna fish, rice and a drink is around Rp 25,000 including cooking services.

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