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Train tickets to Station Kertapati, Palembang

Looking for a train ticket to Station Kertapati, Palembang? Find here easily all available train tickets and other relevant information. You can search for cheap train tickets to Kertapati and easily compare ticket prices for different dates and stations.

Cheap train tickets to Palembang

Departures from station Kertapati, Palembang

NameDirectionDeparture Time
Rajabasa (#S13)Lampung08:30
Bukit Serelo (#S11)Lubuk linggau09:30
Sindang Marga (#S3)Lubuk linggau20:00
Sriwijaya (#S1)Lampung21:00

Train Stations in Palembang

These are the stations near Palembang for which you can book a train ticket online. There may be more stations near Palembang but they are only for local trains.