Rambu Solo , Tana Toraja Typical Funeral

Rambu Solo , Tana Toraja Typical Funeral

Tana Toraja is one area in Indonesia that is still thick with the feel of custom. Tana Toraja is located approximately 300 kilometers from the city of Makassar , South Sulawesi . Tana Toraja is one of the prime tourist area owned by South Sulawesi Province . Each resident offspring of Toraja tribe still upholds the cultural heritage and customs of their ancestors to the present . Various ceremonies held each year in this area has a special attraction for every tourist who visit , including foreign tourists .


One of the famous traditional ceremony in Tana Toraja is Rambu Solo , which is a typical ceremonial funeral procession from Tana Toraja . Tana Toraja community believes that a person who has died, the death is considered imperfect when Rambu Solo traditional ceremony has not yet been held . So before the ceremony held , the deceased person will be treated like a person who is sick or in a weakened condition . They will be respected and treated like they are still alive , as laid in bed when going to sleep , provide the dead food and drink to talk to him about everyday life . Costs required to organize this ceremony is not small , it is not surprising that the funeral could be held for months until many years after the person died .


Basically Rambu Solo ceremonial procession divides into two , namely Prosesi Pemakaman (the funeral procession) , also known by the name of Rante and Pertunjukan Seni (Performing Arts) . Both these processions are not held separately but complementary whole . For Funeral Procession or Rante, it’s usually held in special field located in the middle of a custom home Tongkonan with the first order of events is body wrapping process called as Ma'Tudan Mebalun , the second process is decorating coffins using gold and silver threads or called as Ma'Roto , the third is the procession of taking the body to a funeral place called as Ma'Popengkalo Alang , and the last is Ma'Palao / Ma'Pasonglo the processes of taking the body from Tongkonan custom house complex towards the cemetery ( Lakkian ) .

The first event of Procession of Performing Arts is the procession of taking buffalo to be sacrificed , followed by several of local music performances such as Pa'Pompan , Pa'DaliDali and Unnosong and indigenous dances like Pa'Badong , Pa'Dondi , Pa'Randing , Pa. ' Katia , Pa'Papanggan , Passailo and Pa'Silaga Tedong . Then headed to buffalo fight event known as Mapasilaga Tedong . The last is the ritual of slaughtering the buffalo as sacrificial animals .

Art show held not only serves to enliven the funeral process , but also as a form of respect and prayer for the dead . Usually the number of buffalo slaughtered becomes the measurement of level and degree of wealth of the deceased when they were alive . Rambu Solo traditional ceremony for the Tana Toraja community is considered as an important and obligatory. This ceremony reflects the lives of Tana Toraja people who like to work together , have a family and as a gesture of respect and devotion to the person who has died .

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